The world is facing critical social, economic, and environmental challenges. We need a more systemic approach to problem solving. Meanwhile, over 1oo million learners are enrolled in higher education worldwide. Many of them spend four years in traditional learning environments, checking boxes to answer theoretical problems. While it is critical for the leaders of tomorrow to gain knowledge, they could just as easily do so while applying it productively. What if tomorrow’s professionals could help solve the problems of today, without even having to leave the classroom to do it? 

ImpactEd is a program that brings real world problem solving into university classrooms around the world through a digital platform. The ImpactEd team works with partners across nonprofit, business, and governmental sectors to develop and distribute project cases across fields of study. ImpactEd will work with the Youth Working Group and UNESCO to involve as many students across the United States in purposeful learning that results in real change.

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