As violent conflict and its humanitarian fallout has spiked over the past few years, young people across the globe have been predominantly referenced as the perpetrators of violence or as its victims.

But with 1.8 billion young people worldwide (that's about 25% of the global population), young people should be viewed and valued as a major asset for building sustainable peace. 

The Peacebuilding Generation seeks to amplify the work of youth peace movements and young peacebuilders across the globe to shift the way young people are included in the prevention of violent conflict. It supports the young men and women who have worked tirelessly to build peace, tolerance, and resilience in their communities.

The Peacebuilding Generation's website (currently under construction) will highlight the stories of young peacebuilders around the world. It will also connect aspiring changemakers to helpful resources, toolkits, and free online courses on community organizing, peacebuilding, and policy-making. 

Supporting UN Security Council Resolution 2550, the Peacebuilding Generation hopes to legitimize young people's continued efforts to build peace and elevate their role in all peacemaking processes. The mobilization of the youngest generation will catalyze significant positive effects on building peace in communities, countries, and across the globe.